Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I want Outsoursing job In bangladeh.(Great outsourcing company)

I just complete Diploma in computer engineering. I know several program as like c,c++,HTML & web site design . So i need a job as like outsourcing job. Just i pass 3 or 4 hours in a day and get $12 . But i am not professional . Then i made a account in odesk . But there is very hard for took a job because At first i need to Bids for job then may be i get job but i can,t made a huge money .  At this time I know about dolancer by internet .Then i known all about from dolancer it consultant. Do lancer gives Great outsourcing plat from in Bangladesh.
At first you need register in dolancer

3 Packages
1.Basic ($100 )
You get 100 link in Basic account and 100 post in a day then get $3 or $4 in a day
Same as Moderate you get 300 link & 300 post in a day and get $9 or $10 in a day
Same as Advance you get 500 link & 500 post ia a day and get $15 or $16 in a day
Just you make decision and Start With dolancer outsourcing LTD .
I get huge amount   So why not you.