Sunday, September 25, 2011

Forum posting is availavle in

 Now dolancer  decided that you would get .03$ in per post.
 Now you select your topics:

Now select your subtopics :
 Make a reply post & Threads:

 Now published your post here:

Now click your submit button:

 You see your pending comments or view your totals comments
 All of dolancer clients know about PTC . But you don,t know about posting . Now i tell you  give comments in my blog about This topics New jobs add in dolancer (Posting). You have given some topics  example: Online earning  . Then you write about online earning .
Now you need to enter in dolancer forum posting .
Just follow
1.Go to forum posting
2.Go avail avail task
3.Then u go Website menu follow
Different website
As like
Then click this web link
You get a option for forum
Here you can Make any reply comments or You make any Thread(Thread called heading or topics)
Then you will see  your writing ,your comments published successfully.
And you get 3 cents per post.